Hi! I'm Josep Mir from Sabadell. I enjoy working on projects built on C#, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript/jQuery and Entity Framework.

In my past, I worked with many other technologies, like OpenGL, C++, Java2ME, WPF, Entiy Framework, LINQ (i love LINQ), Android or the Unity game engine. Of course, I also stumbled upon DevExpress and DevExtreme.

My formal education took place in Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, with a Master in Computer Science.

Tourbo.Load (2016)

Using the game engine Unity, I developed at TourboSoft GmbH, under guidance and collaboration of some colleagues, a tool to visualize how the planned deliveries could fit in the Truck.

The tool will help the workers responsible for loading the truck.

Tourbo.Locate (2016)

A WebApp, designed to work both on desktops and mobile devices, using some adaptive CSS. It featured leafletJS as its map library to enable an easy switch between Nokia and Google Maps.

The App showed in real time which tour each Truck was covering, and whether there were some delays or not.

It was developed from scratch using ASP.NET MVC5 and jQuery.

Tourbo.Route (2015)

While in TourboSoft GmbH, I collaborated with 3 other developers on developing Tourbo.Route. I took a main role developing the map module, our DevExpress Grid, and many other things.

TourboRoute imports your delivery orders and assists in planning the deliveries. According to the cost and availability of vehicles, schedules, road distances…

Unlimited German (2014)

Unlimited German is the only Android App where you can practice german declension with real-life texts.

Also practice numbers, and rapidly look up the unknown words in the dictionary.

PackageManager (2014)

In GPS Projekt und Servicemanagement GmbH I developed a small prototype of a “Software Distributing System”.

The main challenge was implementing Input forms with Fields which could be customized by the user.

CloudDesk (2013)

CloudDesk was a web-based Ticketing System developed at Prevolution GmbH. It started in Slovakia and was then continued in the Hamburg’s HQ.

It made use of some of the latest technologies in HTML5 as well as DevExpress controls. The backend was an SQL Server which was accessed by a Data Layer Engine written in VB.

We integrated the backend with our Cherwell Software Solution through scheduled SQL Stored-Procedures.

Some new features were added:

  • Search Recommendations while typing
  • Rating widgets (Facebook-style Like, “Arrow Voting”, Stars)
  • User Avatars
  • Hierarchical Categories in the Shop
  • Dynamically generated Html forms (textbox, checkbox, select) using an XML file. SQL Schema updated on-the-fly.
  • Timeline (joining the previously Single Entries)

SyncServer (2012)

Prevolution SyncServer was a windows software to synchronise Microsoft Exchange Server with Cherwell. With SQL at one endpoint, and Exchange Webservices at the other, PSS helped keeping Appointments, Tasks and Contacts up to date between both systems. It was deployed to two customers.

Technical challenges:

  • On the SQL Server side, had to keep track of the links between items, keeping the ExchangeItemId with the CherwellItemId.
  • On the SQL Server side only way to keep track of deleted Items was with a trigger+Table
  • Saving each users “point in time” so as not to get already updated items.
  • Very fined tune Clock-syncronisation. We would get all the Changed Items in SQL for the last 30 Seconds, not more not less. Otherwise we might have skipped items.
  • State of the Sync when app suddenly stopped? What happens if hey modify at the same time?
  • Avoiding infinite-looping update ping-pongs… Change in SQL would be updated to Exchange. In next iteration Exchange realizes something changed and sent update back to SQL…

Phone Connector (2012)

For Prevolution GmbH in Hamburg, I developed a telephony application which integrated with our CRM: Cherwell.

Our goal was to identify the calling Customer/Company. It would also ease the placement of calls, avoiding manual typing of each number. Language and Skin were customizable.

We sold 22 Licenses of the product.

Master’s Project (2009)

The final project for the Master Degree in Computer Science at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona was quite hardware-oriented.

Abstract: This project is about the construction feasibility of a system for the follow-up of a marmot’s population weight in high mountain. We build a weighing scale with a force sensor and a temperature sensor. These analog outputs connect to an ATmega8 microcontroller that, with an algorithm developed in this project, is in continuous listening to detect sudden changes in the weight. When this happens, the data is recorded in a SRAM memory for, later, being able to download this data to a computer for it to be analyzed by a program that has been created for such purpose.

Download as PDF

Trivicat (2008)

Around 2008 I wrote Trivicat, a Java2ME game for Handys. It consisted of 200 questions about different subjects, which were later extended to 900 thanks to user collaboration. It received some press coverage from Catalan media .

Billiard Game (2006)

We developed a 3D Game for a University course in Computer Graphics. Working in a team of 5, and using C++ with OpenGL, we learned the fundamentals behind game design.

  • Design of Objects with Blender
  • Loading of Objects in .3ds Format along with textures
  • Ball physics (crash, deceleration)
  • Illumination
  • Viewport transformation through the mouse
  • Game workflow
  • Audio Library